The Nighthold Mythic Progression

Can you feel it? Can you hear the air crackle? Is it the arcane magic flowing from the Nightwell? NO! It is pure HYPE because it is time for another Progression Race!

The Nighthold Quickfacts: Loot and Item Level, Instance Portal, Boss Order

The final raid for the first Tier of Legion is here: The Nighthold! Here is a quick guide on Loot, Boss order and the instance’s entrance.

The Nighthold Item Level And Loot Scaling

The Nighthold brings a lot of new items to the game and raises the item level cap up to 925 (titanforged). Here is a quick guide on the item level scaling amongst the different difficulties.

World of Warcraft, 17.01.2017

The Nighthold Heroic Progress Coverage

UPDATE: HC cleared by Strawberry Puppy Kisses! Finally the first Tier of Legion raids concludes with an surely epic raid on The Nighthold! Heroic difficulty will be unlocked soon and we are covering the final warm-up lap before mythic next week.

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