Changes To Artifact Power Coming With Patch 7.2

After days of outrage and fear on social media, the Devs finally shared their plans for Mythic Keystone Dungeons and Artifact Power with Patch 7.2. Their message: everybody calm down now.

Custom Mythic Keystone – A Feature Request

Mythic Keystone Dungeons are one of Legions biggest features and yet we feel Blizzard missed a great opportunity there. Let’s fix that with Custom Keystones!

New World Record: Vault of The Wardens +25 in Time

Given the current Affixes we almost expected this: a new Mythic Keystone World Record has been set!

World of Warcraft, 17.01.2017

The Nighthold Heroic Progress Coverage

UPDATE: HC cleared by Strawberry Puppy Kisses! Finally the first Tier of Legion raids concludes with an surely epic raid on The Nighthold! Heroic difficulty will be unlocked soon and we are covering the final warm-up lap before mythic next week.

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