Legendary Item Changes Patch 7.2 (Update March 20)

Patch 7.2 will bring a massive amount of changes to Legendary items: almost every item now does have throughput effects. Here is a quick summary of all the changes to the system and the items in general.

Players Banned For Selling Real-Money Raids And Dungeons

Blizzard has banned several players for violating WoW’s Terms of Use and selling in-game clears for real-world money. The ban affects several top-guilds.

Legion Q&A With Ion Hazzikostas on February 23rd

It was once again Watcher’s take to answer the community’s questions in a new round of Legion Q&A. Here is our summary on the important points for raiders.

World of Warcraft, 17.01.2017

The Nighthold Heroic Progress Coverage

UPDATE: HC cleared by Strawberry Puppy Kisses! Finally the first Tier of Legion raids concludes with an surely epic raid on The Nighthold! Heroic difficulty will be unlocked soon and we are covering the final warm-up lap before mythic next week.

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