Legion Raids and Dungeons

The Nighthold Item Level And Loot Scaling

The Nighthold brings a lot of new items to the game and raises the item level cap up to 925 (titanforged). Here is a quick guide on the item level scaling amongst the different difficulties.

Karazhan Pre-Quest in Patch 7.1

So, Patch 7.1 just went live and everyone is eager to rush the totally cool and new Karazhan! But… preparations must be made! Here is a quick guide to unlock new Karazhan accountwide.

Gear, Items, Consumables

How Titanforged Items Will Affect Raiding

The first titanforged items from the Emerald Nightmare LFR dropped on Beta this weekend and a lot of confusion kicked in, as players wondered how high itemlevels will rise. Well the good news is: Titanforged will not kill Mythic raiding. Not completely.


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