World of Warcraft, 30.06.2016

#3 Legion Q&A About PvP – With Brian Holinka

The third weekly Legion Q&A was hosted by Community Manager Josh Allen and Senior Game Designer Brian Holinka and was all about PvP.

Here are the highlights, we have embedded the VoD below. Next weeks Q&A will be with Lead Quest Designer Craig Amai talking about the Artifact Weapons and Order Halls.


Balancing & General Information

  • The PvP team is not yet happy with the class balance on Beta right now. They heavily focus on tuning for launch and look into Artifacts a few weeks later
  • Single spells are really easy to balance for the first time for the PvP team, as they have a system for character power and spells on their very own
  • PvP Seasons will still be tied to Raidtiers but with Legion there will be two Seasons per each Raidtier
  • A few weeks after launch people with the roughly same amount of Honor Level will be putted in the same pool for matchmaking on every activity
  • There are World PvP quests
  • Tanks won’t be competetive in high level 3v3, but of course very useful in Battlegrounds


  • You earn Strongboxes for victories, it works pretty similar to the personal loot system
  • PvP Strongboxes do not always reward a piece of gear. It can contain pots or flasks as well
  • Strongboxes are favored against a vendor system for gearing because it is more exciting and much more emotional. You will get gear at a very similar pace compared to a vendor system, but it is simple not as predictable as it was in prior expansions. There is a bad luck protection and the itemlevel is slightly above your current itemlevel
  • Balancing is aimed at a maximum of a 10% power gap between players
  • PvP gear can be Warforged / Titanforged
  • You can bring PvP gear to PvE activities, but it will not be as powerful as it was during Warlords
  • Transmogs are bought through Marks of Honor, works for all prior expansions’ PvP gear
  • Daily bonus for rated PvP content on Honor
  • Chance for better gear is higher on rated content

PvP templates and talents

  • PvP templates (your stat-scaling) do not activate in the open world
  • PvP talents do activate as soon as you get attacked or attack another player, even in the open world.
  • Perhaps there will be PvP talents that modify characters stats in the future. For the moment there aren’t any to ensure a proper balance
  • PvP Talents will be looked at on regular basis, the can possibly be changed after a Season
  • PvP Talents will not be resettet after a season

Prestige Levels and Honor

  • Honor level goes from 1 to 50, when you hit 50, you can earn the next Prestige Level and start with Honor Level 1 again.
  • Prestige starts at level 0
  • Prestige 1 will be a battlepet, that tells the world how awesome you are
  • Prestige 2 is a questline that rewards another artifact appearance
  • Prestige 3 is a mount and title
  • Prestige 4 – no details

Arenas and Battlegrounds

  • Two new arenas with Legion and a facelift for an older one.
  • Sadly no new battelground. Doing the PvP talents soaked a lot of ressources and doing a new battleground is a lot of work
  • 5v5 was removed because it was so unpopular
  • The Arena Master will be a Legacy achievement with Legion
  • No plans for making older PvP Worldzones queable (like Ashran)
  • There are four free for all PvP zones. Mounted PvP in Stormheim!


  • Although there is already a group of people reviewing player actions on a full time basis, Blizzard still tries to do more against cheaters.

Complete VoD