World of Warcraft, 29.07.2016

#6 Legion Q&A: Demon Hunters to be Released on August 9th

The 6th Q&A stream with the developers answered one of the more important questions of the last weeks: Demon Hunter class will be available on August 9th – along with Demon Invasions.

Community Manager Josh Allen was joined by Senior Game Designer Jonathan LeCraft this time – here are the most important points:


  • The next Q&A will be shortly after Legion launch
  • Keep an eye on Gamescom
  • Demon Hunter class will be available on August 9 for everyone who has pre-purchased the Legion expansion
  • Demon Invasions start on August 9
  • You can do the intro to the Broken Shore with every other character but not with a Demon Hunter

Demon Hunter Progression

  • Demon Hunters have to unlock their talents by leveling from 100 to 110
  • Demon Hunters may be not as competetive as other classes during pre-patch because of missing talents. But their stats should match
  • Demon Hunters can build their own Garrison! YAY!
  • No bonus on professions – you start at 0 for every new professions

Demon Hunter Gameplay And Balancing

  • Developers will do another round of balancing to make Demon Blades the second or third best choice in that tier. It simplifies gameplay a lot for new players but should not be the default choice for good players.
  • Balancing incoming for Leech of Havoc Demon Hunters
  • Vengeance survivability is closely looked at, as well as mobility (especially in PvP)
  • Spectral Sight feels currently right, although it counters Rogues in PvP currently
  • A third specc just did not make any sense for Demon Hunters in terms of lore
  • The skill cap among good and casual players will not be as great as with other classes. Demon Hunters are seen as a more simpler class
  • Developers are closely looking on Soul Barrier. They are looking at other ways than taking it off the GCD

Lore & Transmog

  • The story between the Illidari and Night Elves will be explored during Legion
  • Demon Hunter chest gear will only cover a small part of your character’s torso, you will be able to see almost every tatoo
  • Possibly you will be able to transmog to the Warglaives of Azzinoth in the future
  • Demon Hunters can communicate trans-faction in demonic language
  • No plans on make Demon Hunter class available for other races

Animation Cancelling

  • Animation Cancelling as a way to min-maxing DPS is not intended, the developers try to adress that


  • The Developers thought about allowing Demon Hunter use their wings for flying, but this makes not much sense in terms of lore. Illidan as the most powerful of all Demon Hunters only uses his wings to hover
  • Double Jump brings players into places they should never reach, Blizzard will adress those things as they come up
  • You need to have a level 70 character on the server where you want to create a demon hunter

Re-Watch The Broadcast

The Broadcast was splitted in a first and a second part.