World of Warcraft, 16.08.2016

All Eyes On: From Scratch

We were able to talk to Uto and Tuuxx, Raid Leader and Guildmaster of From Scratch just before their trip to gamescom 2016, where they will play live on the big Blizzard stage.

160816-fs-logo-sponsorsIt surely is an exciting time for the french raiding guild From Scratch. They’ve got their invitation to gamescom 2016 (happening this week from Wednesday to Sunday) for the very first time where they will replace Method to duel with german guild set sail for fail live on stage at the Blizzard booth. A well deserved honor, as they managed to finish World #4 on Archimonde Mythic last year.

If that wasn’t enough, they managed to announce two sponsors, ITS Group and Meltdown Bars earlier this month. This is quite remarkable for a World of Warcraft team, as the progress race with its long phases without competition usually is very hard to sell to potential supporters.

Let’s see what From Scratch has to tell us about about gamescom and the upcoming expansion World of Warcraft: Legion.

Gamescom Premiere For From Scratch

First of all: please introduce yourself!

Hello, we are Uto and Tuuxx, respectively Raid Leader and Guildmaster of From Scratch since its creation, in November 2013. Uto is 21 years old and playing healer (mainly restoration druid) and Tuuxx is 23 and playing tank (mainly blood DK). We are both happy to answer Raiders Tavern interview.

You have been invited to gamescom this year – for the first time. What was your initial thought when you received the invitation? Are you excited yet? This stage is pretty big and SSFF wiped horribly on Gorefiend last year in front of a large crowd…

We were really surprised being invited to such a big event and are glad attending to it. Obviously we are preparing ourselves a bit to perform as well as possible but to be honest we are not really under pressure. The event is more an exhibition of Legion content than a serious competition.

And of course, we are also excited to meet players from other top guilds we are going to compete with during next progression.


When to see From Scratch at gamescom 2016

From Scratch will play alongside the german guild set sail for fail on the big Blizzard stage in hall 7:

  • Thursday, August 18: Dungeon Challenge from 12:30 to 13:00
  • Friday, August 19: Dungeon Challenge from 11:30 to 12:00
  • Sunday, August 21: Dungeon Challenge from 12:30 to 13:00

Besides the big stage, Blizzard will open the Legion Cafe in central Cologne this year. You surely will be able to meet some of the players there.

The complete schedule can be found on Blizzards official Gamescom Hub.


You finished #16 in T17 and then did a big leap on world #4 in the Hellfire Citadel race. Method did split up and Paragon have decided to quit raiding completely. This could be your chance to enter top 3 this time! What are your goals and expectations on the race?

It’s been pretty obvious for the past few years that Method, Paragon, Midwinter and Exorsus were dominating the races. With Paragon disband, Method split up and Midwinter leaving the world first race, the podium seems closer than ever. But: the race is going to be rude since good day time competitors showed up like Dragon and “new” Method. Moreover, Asian and evening raiding guilds such as Limit, Scrubbusters or FatSharkYes can still be real contenders.

Our main goal is to confirm our World 4th spot to prove that HFC was not just a lucky tier for us. We also hope that no other top guild is going to disband during Legion to maintain a challenging competition.

Speaking of Paragon: They quitted raiding because the lack of a proper finnish speaking playerbase. You are one of the few top guilds that manages to maintain a solid roster in your native language. Did you ever think of going international? Is your roster already complete for Legion?

The disband of Paragon clearly marks the end of a PVE era in World of Warcraft. They will be missed. It goes without saying that it’s harder to find commiting players in our native language than on the international scene. Luckily we managed to build a strong player base and to recruit some interesting players during these past months to enhance our roster.

That way, we are stronger than ever and are not thinking going international yet.

From Scratch travelling to gamescom in style:

Let’s talk about Legion!

Artifact Weapons, Mythic+ Dungeons, Legendaries and Titanforged Items will bring significant changes to the gearing process this time. How do you feel about these changes in general? How will it affect your preparations for the progress?

We are a bit worried about the path that Blizzard is taking for the PVE in general. RNG has never impacted PVE preparation as much as it will for Legion (Legendaries, Titanforged…) and Artifact Power being an unlimited ressource is clearly rewarding play time.

Those major changes force us to make some adjustments in our preparation schedule:

  • We are going to have multiple characters of the same class to increase our chance to maximize RNG factors
  • Heroic week is going to be nearly as time demanding as the Mythic week (Artifact Power, Mythic+ Dungeons…)

There are so many RNG factors that there shouldn’t be big differences between top guilds. We hope not to be mistaken.

How do you like the two new raids so far? Best & worst encounter so far?

As usual, the difficulty of raid encounters is growing up and Blizzard is offering us really interesting content. Our favourite boss so far is Grand Magistrix Elisandre who introduces a totally new mechanism: Time Layers.

We feel like the worst encounter is maybe Trilliax but not sure why.

How do you feel about the current class balance? Any must have classes in the raid you can already point out? Any classes you won’t describe as viable at the moment?

Overall classes tuning seems to be a little bit better than it used to be. Some classes shine on specific situations but that’s how the game should work, isn’t it? Unfortunatly we cannot go into details on must have classes but we can give you a hint: Try to avoid Retribution Paladin.

Thank you, have fun at gamescom and good luck on that Legion progress!

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