World of Warcraft, 29.11.2017

Antorus World First Race

Update: Method #1, Exorsus #2 It’s that time of the year again: race to world first! Legion’s final major raid Antorus, the Burning Throne is now live. Let’s see who will win this tier!

14:20 CEST / December 21
Let’s close out this coverage in style with Method’s World First Argus video:

17:50 CEST / December 14
And just as expected: Exorsus claims World #2 on Argus. Congratulations!

16:00 CEST / December 13
Method wins! World First Argus the Unmaker! Congratulations, impressive performance.

15:05 CEST / December 7
Exorsus 10/11 as well! It all comes down to a race between the two dominating guilds of Legion again. Method should have a tiny lead on the final fight. They did not even do heroic splits yet, which indicates that they are progressing at least a bit.

08:05 CEST / December 7
After 20 hours of raiding, Method claims the World First Aggramar, moving on to 10/11!

15:05 CEST / December 6
Method manages to catch up: 9/11 mythic in just about 7,5 hours – and it is still early afternoon in Europe.

14:00 CEST / December 6
The catch-up is almost complete: Method and Exorsus progressing Coven now, 8/11M for both.

12:00 CEST / December 6
It is Method’s time to shine: World #4 Mythic Kin’garoth after an impressive run of only 3,5 hours. 7/11 now.

12:00 CEST / December 6
It is Method’s time to shine: World #4 Mythic Kin’garoth after an impressive run of only 3,5 hours. 7/11 now.

11:14 CEST / December 6
Exorsus pulling ahead: 6/11 and World #6. Their latest kill (Imonar) was the first one they snacked notably faster than Limit or all the other US guilds did: it took them 48 minutes of progress while Limit spent 109.

8:45 CEST / December 6
More EU kills: Pieces, Exorsus on 3/11, Method and Nova 1/11.

8:30 CEST / December 6
Sun rises in Europe and we do already have a guild at 2/11M confirmed: Pieces.

The most impressive performance so far was shown by Limit yesterday: 9/11M already after 15 hours of raiding – without doing even a single heroic split! Let’s see how fast the top contenders Method and Exorsus can catch up.

16:45 CEST / December 5
Limit with World First Antoran High Command, advancing to 3/11.

16:35 CEST / December 5
Limit pulls ahead: World First Felhounds of Sargeras, 2/11 Mythic.

16:05 CEST / December 5
The race is on! Big Dumb Guild with World First Mythic Garothi, closely followed by Limit, Alacrity and Easy.

10:45 CEST / December 5
It’s reset day – at least for US and OC. In just about 6 hours mythic difficulty will be available for Antorus and the real race will start. Heroic was tuned a lot easier than the previous raids, maybe even a bit too easy? 2292 guilds have defeated Argus HC so far – let’s hope for a decent curve in mythic!

The top guilds however are prepared: Method, Exorsus, Limit and Easy for example did at least 7 full clears of normal and heroic Antorus – some guilds even did Mythic Tomb of Sargeras splits.

10:10 CEST / November 29
Antorus HC World First by Easy! Warning: sick cinematic at the end!

10:00 CEST / November 29
Good morning Europe! 10 guilds from NA/OC managed to completely clear Antorus Heroic on their first night of raiding. Apparently the instance is tuned slightly easier than Nighthold and Tomb of Sargeras were.

16:20 CEST / November 28
The first kills can be seen on streams and on already. Just as every Tier, the ranking sites that rely on Blizzard’s Armory are a bit slower to verify all the new kills.

15:00 CEST / November 28
Heroic and Normal difficulty for Legion’s final Tier will unlock in just one hour for OC and NA. We do expect the top guilds to take it quite easy and starting their splits already. The real action will happen next week with the release of mythic mode.

If you want to check all the detailed rankings, head over to or as soon as the Blizzard API has updated!