World of Warcraft, 22.05.2017

Artifact Knowledge Capped at Level 40

Today’s hotfix will cap Artifact Knowledge at level 40, down from 50. Players will reach the current cap at the end of May.

Artifact Knowledge increases the amount of Artifact Power from all sources by a small percentage every level, check out our overview of Artifact Knowledge levels here.

Hotfixes May 22


  • “Grand Opening” now requires 8 spotlights activated during the Chronomatic Anomaly encounter (was 12).


  • Monk
    • Ironskin and Fortifying Brew once again grant the correct Stagger percentage.

Class Hall

  • Artifact Knowledge can now be researched to a maximum level of 40 (was 50).
    • Developers’ Notes: We raised the Knowledge cap from 40 to 50 very late in the 7.2 PTR cycle, out of an abundance of caution: We wanted to ensure that players of all playstyles, as well as alt characters, would view the Concordance trait as accessible. However, between the additional Artifact Power gains added in 7.2 and others that were hotfixed in after the patch released, we’re now well ahead of that mark. Knowledge 40 now seems more than sufficient for players to reach Concordance, and the prospect of months’ worth of additional Knowledge still left to research makes some players feel like their efforts in the interim aren’t meaningful. Therefore, we’re rolling the cap back to 40.

Player versus Player

  • Deepwind Dunk is now 15 minutes long, and each player killed during Deepwind Dunk awards 5 points.
  • Paladin
    • Attacking a Judged target will now cause Judge Unworthy to only spread that target’s Judgment, instead of all your nearby Judgments.
    • Judge Unworthy can now spread Judgment to targets that are under the effects of crowd-control abilities.
    • Damage from Lawbringer can no longer cause Judge Unworthy to spread Judgment.


  • Players using Korean and Chinese clients can now chat in public chat channels on the Broken Shore.