World of Warcraft, 05.11.2017

Blizzcon 2017 Live Q&A

A live Q&A was hosted during Blizzcon tonight bringing up some more tiny bits of news on Battle for Azeroth. Here are the highlights!


  • Warfronts will be up occasionally, almost like events. They won’t be up weekly but on a larger time frame
  • Rewards are powerful enough to do Warfronts multiple times
  • They will take most likely a bit longer than a dungeon


Stat Squish

  • Yes there will be a squish as it happened in WoD
  • Your character will not be less powerful relative to your opponents

Heart of Azeroth

  • The core idea of Artifacts lives on in this new system for character progression
  • Heart of Azeroth is in fact specc-independent!
  • Azerite is leveling up your Heart of Azerite, and not the respective items

Titanforged and Legendaries

  • There will be tweaks but no core changes to the system
  • You know, excitement and joy!
  • The impact of this system on raiding guilds shall be a lot less
  • The Legendary System as we know it right now will die with the Legion

Story and Leveling

  • Jaina is… complicated
  • she is not evil but damaged
  • Flying may be unlocked the way it played out during Legion
  • Both factions have different motivations to tackle different raid bosses
  • Starting zones will be unaffected by events like the burning of Teldrassil
  • the respective areas will be phased
  • Demon Hunters will still be important even though the Legion is destroyed. Is it?

Raid Buffs

  • They are back for some nostalgia!
  • this should lead to more balanced raid setups, each class should be needed


  • Warlords Timewalking will totally happen during the next Expansion

Level Scaling

  • Heirlooms will still be relevant
  • Timewalking keystone dungeons could totally be a thing

Your Character


  • No changes to the current philosophy: not account-wide completely but things like Dungeons or World Quests will be

Character Customization

  • More features coming with 8.0!

Questlog and Bags

  • No plans on increasing the limit of 25 quests
  • If you have the Authenticator activated, you will have more backpack space

Worgen and Goblins

  • The team is working on the reworks but they won’t make it for 8.0

Character Slots

  • More slots are coming per server!


Mobile Apps

  • The ultimate goal is to have a single App for World of Warcraft

Communities and Guild Features

  • Character-based and still faction based. We are war!
  • If you want it cross-faction, go and make it on level
  • No tools in the works to help guild recruitment
  • The 200 friends limit may be increased in the nearer future
  • The team looks into an possibility to trade consumables cross-realm in raids

World of Warcraft: Classic

  • A lot of open questions and discussions. The team has no clear plan yet which version is the “right version of Vanilla”
  • The team aims to create the level 1-60 experience most perfectly