Blizzcon, 16.09.2016

BlizzCon In-game Goodies: A StarCraft Mystery

BlizzCon is approaching fast and finally the in-game goodies for attendees (physical and Virtual Ticket) got revealed.

The already tenth BlizzCon will take place on the 4th and 5th of November 2016. You still can buy a Virtual Ticket here. Besides getting the in-game goodies you will be able to watch every panel, tournament and show on stream and as VOD after the event.

In-Game Goodies – What’s the StarCraft Mystery?

While all the items are pretty cool, the StarCraft II goodie really excites us: it is a mystery! The official preview blog promises, that we will “be among the first to unlock a fun new piece of upcoming StarCraft II content.”. Sounds like there will be a bigger announcement of new StarCraft things!

  • World of Warcraft: two pets, Legionaire Murky and Knight-Captain Murky
  • Overwatch: BlizzCon 2016 Bastion Skin
  • Hearthstone: Welcome Inn Card Back
  • Diablo III: Diablo 20th Anniversary Pet
  • Heroes of the Storm: Nexus Tiger Mount
  • StarCraft II: Mystery Goodies