World of Warcraft, 04.11.2017

BlizzCon Interview Roundup: Legendaries no more, Item Squish and more

After the dust of opening ceremony settles a bit, the first developer interviews are coming in and people were able to play the demo. We have gathered all the important bits here!

Just as always we are concentrating on PvE endgame and major game mechanics here. You can find links to the full interviews below this article, if you are interested in all the details.

Story and World

  • There always will be greater threats, that affect both factions.
  • The Developers want to take a slower pace on developing those stories
  • Lots of the parts in the older world will be phased or
  • dynamical tied to leveling progress: Teldrassil for example will not be on fire for all characters

Items, Legendaries and the Heart of Azeroth

  • No Legendaries in Battle for Azeroth!¬†At least not in the way we had them during Legion
  • The new Heart of Azeroth will allow players to customize their own playstyle a bit but without all the RNG of randomly dropping orange items
  • The Heart of Azeroth will be present for the whole expansion
  • There will be an item level squish that brings item levels (and basically all numbers) down to lower levels. In the Blizzcon demo a ToS mythic item has item level 265 instead of 930
  • Warforged / Titanforged will still be around but…
  • … not for the itemslots that will be modificated by Azerite

Item level 185 for a 110 character

Character Models and Spell Animations

  • No visual updates for worgen and goblin this time
  • More spell and combat animations are in the works

Class- and Abilitychanges

  • Apparently there will some class changes to compensate the now missing Artifact abilites, but those are very few at the moment. This does not look like a complete rework for classes right now. Go check out wowheads summary if you are interested.
  • Some Artifact abilities will become baseline or available as talent for some classes
  • Some class raid buff abilities will be back! Go check out wowheads summary on the already discovered buffs.

PvE Endgame

PvE endgame is all about Azerite

Island Expeditions

  • Those are not completely random generated on the one hand but not completely scripted on the other hand. The new AI was a challenge but is really cool
  • It’s all about Azerite


  • Warcraft 2 and 3 played a huge impact on that feature
  • It’s all about Azerite

World Quests

  • Will be transfer over into the new expansion. You will be sent to both contents regardless of your faction


  • Flying? Not decided yet!
  • No follower missions in Battle for Azeroth
  • Next timewalking raid will be Ulduar, coming with Patch 7.3.5
  • No plans for more mobile integration / companion app for Battle for Azeroth
  • No plans for real money loot boxes right now
  • More character slots will be added


If you want to see all developer interviews on your own, here you go: