Blizzcon, Blizzsports, 27.10.2016

BlizzCon Opening Week Has Started

BlizzCon Hype intensifies! While the actual event takes place on the 5th and 6th of November, the esports competitors already have started their tournaments.

The 10th anniversary of BlizzCon brings a new record prize pool across five major tournaments: $ 2.75 Million are on the line! The final matches in Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone, Overwatch, StarCraft II and World of Warcraft Arena of course will be played at the big BlizzCon stages but until then, the competitors have to battle their way through various group stages. So prepare for days of finest blizzsports!

Schedule & How to Watch

Watching the action is quite easy, you only need to bookmark two links:

The official streams will be broadcasted in English but Blizzard has compiled a list of other streamers that will host and comment the streams in different languages here.

Heroes of the Storm Fall Championship

A total prize of $1,000,000 can be won in Blizzard’s MOBA. Twelve teams from around the world booked their tickets over various major tournaments in the past months. During Opening Week they will play two group stages until only four teams remain to play single elimination playoffs on the BlizzCon stage.

Heroes of the Storm Fall Championship schedule and brackets

Hearthstone World Championship

16 players from around the globe have qualified for the Hearthstone World Championship and are battling for a total prize of $1,000,000. Until October 30 a group stage with four groups is played until only eight players remain. They will play a single elimination tournament at BlizzCon.

Hearthstone World Championship Schedule and brackets

Overwatch World Cup 2016

The esports scene for Blizzard’s latest major title slowly evolves and while more and more organizations sign a professional Overwatch team, BlizzCon will (only) witness a show-tournamet. A total of 16 teams were assembled following a community vote to represent their countries, no prize money can be won. The teams will play a group stage during opening week and then proceed in single elimination playoffs.

Overwatch World Cup 2016 schedule and brackets

StarCraft II WCS Global Finals

Blizzard’s former biggest esports title is slowly declining in popularity but still there is a total of $500,000 prize money in the pot. Over the course of the year 16 players have earned their right to compete in the Global Finals. They will play a play off stage during Opening Week, deciding wich eight players will appear on the big stage at BlizzCon.

StarCraft II WCS Global Finals schedule and brackets

World of Warcraft Arena World Championship

Last but not least: there’s WoW esports! Eight teams clash during Opening Week in a group stage, the had to qualify in regional playoffs during summer. The best four will battle for a total prize of $250,000 in a single elimination at BlizzCon. You still can earn the title Patron of War while watching, just connect your Twitch and Accounts, a guide can be found here.

World of Warcraft Arena World Championship schedule and brackets