World of Warcraft, 09.12.2016

Cerli Is The First Player With a Complete Artifact Weapon

If you have considered yourself a hardcore player until today, prepare to feel casual: Cerli, Blood DK from The Brigade on EU The Maelstrom has completed all 54 traits on his Artifact Weapon.

Words are hard to find to praise such dedication. So we just leave you with some (insane) numbers and all that’s left is to say: Well played, Cerli!

  • 54 traits are summing up to a total of 65.256.330 Artifact Power
  • Cerli ran over 2.000 Mythic+ dungeons, that’s around 20 each day since the launch of Legion
  • Check is Armory, wowprogress and stream

And here are the final moments captured live on stream. You might want to skip to 21:01:00: