World of Warcraft, 16.02.2017

Custom Mythic Keystone – A Feature Request

Mythic Keystone Dungeons are one of Legions biggest features and yet we feel Blizzard missed a great opportunity there. Let’s fix that with Custom Keystones!

To fully understand the following concept, we expect you to know how Mythic Keystone Dungeons work in the game right now. This is meant to be an extension to the current system. So let’s dive right in!

Create Your Own Keystone

Imagine this: you enter Eye of Azshara, click on the little pylon and instead of dragging your Keystone from your bags into the marked spot, you get an interface like this:

Interface concept for creating a Custom Keystone

The interface shows an additional Tab at the bottom, called “Custom”. Once clicked, you are able to fully customize your desired Keystone.

Setting Level And Affixes

First of all, you can set the desired level for your run by simply clicking the plus / minus buttons, NPC health and damage bonus will adjust accordingly.

Next, activate or deactivate the desired Affixes by a simple click on the icons. Run Sanguine and Volcanic or go crazy and activate all of them! You are not limited to the existing combinations on the live servers.

Once you are happy with your Mythic Keystone parameters, go ahead and click Activate. After a short loading screen, your Dungeon will be set up and you are ready to slay.

What would it be good for?

You might ask, why we do need such a system. Well, we believe there are two use cases:

No Loot, But Fun!

Obviously, such a Custom Keystone Dungeon should not award any loot or any other rewards. It would be way too easy to exploit it for ultra-fast gearing and Artifact Power farming. First of all, this system should be fun. People are doing the weirdest challenges in World of Warcraft, why not add a Level 30 Black Rook Hold run with 6 active Affixes to that list?

Well, we agree this might be quite a weak argument. But how about a new form of WoW esports?

Tournaments, PvE esports!

The biggest opportunity of a Custom Keystone system would bring is an easy way for the community to organize tournaments and speed run challenges. Blizzard themselves hosted such during gamescom 2016 live on stage and shoutcasted the final round of the Great Collegiate Dungeon Race.

Dungeon Challenge Broadcasted on Live on Stream

Blizzard for sure knows how to produce high-quality tournaments but maybe this is a scale too big for WoW PvE esports yet. On the other hand, the World of Warcraft community is one of the most vibrant and active ones in the world. We do even cover the hardcore raiding progression race for years, mostly for fun. Giving fansites and smaller tournament hosts the right tools, paired with streaming and combat log parsers could easily be the birth of a new form of WoW PvE competition.

Just think of it for a moment, this is how a Mythic Keystone Dungeon Tournament could look like:

  • The teams register on the tournament’s website
  • After registration closes, the teams get seeded into a double elimination bracket
  • Each “match” is a speed run through a randomly drawn Mythic Dungeon, Level 9 with Teeming, Volcanic and Tyrannical
  • Each team has to provide a combat log after their run

These are very simplified rules, of course. Just add some restrictions on class-choices or a cap the allowed item level to add some extra flavor!

But Legendaries, Artifact Power, RNG?

Yes, you are right. The best environment for tournaments would be… tournament realms! But we still need a tool to create the desired Keystones. This would be a first step, let’s take it to Blizzard!

Spread The Word

If you like that idea or do even have a better one – feel free to write an comment or email. We love to discuss every idea on competetive WoW and are always looking for people who share the same passion. Maybe we can make this PvE esports a thing together!