Warcraft Movie, 17.05.2016

Details on the Warcraft movie promotion

Blizzard just revealed some details on the promotions around the upcoming Warcraft movie. We already knew, that basically everyone will receive some nice and fancy transmogs just by logging in. But when watching the movie in one of the participating theaters, visitors will get a free version of World of Warcraft.

Everyone who logs in to the game between May 25 through August 1 will receive some cool looking items for transmogrification:



A free digital copy of World of Warcraft

Blizzard has partnered up with several large theater franchises to give out free copies of World of Warcraft to those who buy a ticket during a promotion-period. Although there is no clear statement, it’s fair to suppose this comes with 30 days of free gametime.

See the official World of Warcraft Blog to check wether a theater near  you will participate. Finally Blizzard says, there will be much more promotions. So prepare for Durotan coke-cups (just a guess)!