World of Warcraft, 15.08.2018

Display And Tweak Your Azerite Power Bar

Azerite Power is a new thing players do want to keep track of while progressing through BfA’s endgame. However, that might not be that easy at first sight.

How Much Azerite Do I Need For Next Level?

If you have enabled your Experience bar, your current amount of Azerite will be tracked just like Artifact Power was in Legion: with a second bar on top of your experience bar. However, if you still haven’t reached 120 and you are keeping track of a factions reputation, your Azerite Power Bar will be overwritten.

Just disable the tracking of all of your reputations and you will see your AP progress once again.

Azerite Power Bar WeakAuras

Another possibility is to display your progress with a WeakAura. There are already plenty of them listed on, here are our favourites:

  • Current Azerite Power Percent
    Displays a simple text how much percentage of your current level are completedĀ 
  • Simple Azerite Bar
    Shows a progress bar with your Heart of Azeroth’s current level, item level and progress of your current level
  • Azerite Power Bar
    A little twist: a Azerite progression bar that only displays for a short amount of time once you gain Azerite and hides itself againĀ 

Did we miss any useful WeakAuras? Just leave a comment!