World of Warcraft, 20.09.2016

The Emerald Nightmare Raid Overview

The first raid in this expansion is unlocked today – here is a basic overview! (Bonus: a map marking the instance portal!!!!)

Enter The Emerald Nightmare: The Entrance


The Emerald Nightmare: Instance-Portal

The single most important question nobody wants to ask on guild-chat to not get flamed for being a noob: where is the raid’s entrance? Here it is!

The instance is located in Val’sharah, just a short ride northwest from the Starsong Refuge flightpoint. Pro-tip: since this expansion, instance-portals are marked on the map as well. Default keybind is “M”.

Raid-size And Loot

There is a total of 7 encounters in The Emerald Nightmare. You can play the raid on the following difficulties:

  • LFR (itemlevel 835), divided in three wings, opening on September 28, October 12 and October 26
  • Normal (itemlevel 850)
  • Heroic (itemlevel 865)
  • Mythic (itemlevel 880), opening on September 28

There are no tier-sets dropping but items can be titanforged. Besides their individual loottable, all encounters can drop Artifact Power by Accolate of Myth (or a weaker version for easier difficulties)


You have to defeat Nythendra first to gain access to the following 5 bosses – wich can be played in what ever sequence you feel happy with. To face Xavius as penultimate boss you have to kill all prior bosses.


Have a nice dream! We are going to cover the Mythic progression race next week as well – you don’t want to miss that!