World of Warcraft, 07.02.2017

Exorsus Discusses Going Casual

Getting the World First on Gul’Dan comes with a prize: Exorsus is discussing their departure from hardcore raiding.

Alveona, Guild Master of Exorsus talked to only few hours after finishing The Nighthold before everyone else. Besides giving some insights on their Nighthold progression and preparation, he mentioned, that they are rethinking their approach on raiding for future content.

We asked him for some more details on their plans, here is what he said:

Basically we’re discussing to go casual. WoW now takes too much time and our goals are reached somehow. We’re not interested in spending so much time anymore and get nothing in return. Of course you may become a boosting guild, but that’s not something we’re interested in.

Just like most top guilds, every Exorsus player had two characters with 54 traits on their Artifact. They did do six split runs during heroic week, raiding for 14 hours (including breaks), 11 days straight.

Even though they have been top contenders in the progression race for several years now, this was the first tier they have managed to take the crown for rank one. They would be the by far most prominent loss to the hardcore raiding scene, since Paragon quit raiding almost a year ago.