World of Warcraft, 15.12.2016

Eye of Azshara +21 World Record!

They did it! Members of Serenity and FatSharkYes managed to beat a +21 Mythic Keystone Timer in Eye of Azshara for a new world record!

The same group managed to beat the first +20 Keystone Timer earlier this week. Just before the weekly reset, they raised the bar even higher: a +21 Eye of Azshara Keystone with 27 seconds left on the clock sets the new world record for Mythic Keystone Dungeons. Congratulations! We will have an interview up soon!


  • Lázel, Protection Paladin of FatSharkYes
  • Mandrai, Restoration Druid of Serenity
  • Gìngí, Marksman of Serenity
  • Sicklikeme, Havoc Demon Hunter of Serenity
  • Baeshades, Enhancement Shaman of Serenity

The Beaten Keystone

  • Eye of Azshara Level 21
  • Affixes were: Fortified, Volcanic and Sanguine
  • NPC health and DPS increased by 366%
  • Total time needed: 34 minutes, 33 seconds

You can check out the VoD from Fragnance’s stream here: