World of Warcraft, 15.08.2016

All Eyes On: Set Sail For Fail

Once again set sail for fail will play on the big Blizzard stage at gamescom this week. We have talked to their guild leader, Fearings.

160814-setsail-shipIt is the second time the german guild got invited by Blizzard. They already did the shows last year, only to rush home after the booth closed to continue their progress on Archimonde Mythic at the place of one of their members. Since Tier 16 with a World #10 on Garrosh Hellscream, set sail for fail managed to always finish within the top 20. As they are raiding only around 23 hours per week (spread across 5 days), they can be considered as one of the guilds with the best progress per raiding-time.

Playing on the Big Stage

First of all: please introduce yourself!

My real name is Christian and I am the guild leader of set sail for fail. I played as a warlock called Fearings for the last 2 Add-ons but I will be switching to hunter for Legion.

You have been invited to gamescom again this year. It seems like Blizzard was happy with your performance last year. You’ve almost beaten Method in front of a large crowd… Of course it’s primarily a show-event – but you do take this quite serious, don’t you?

Last year was pretty close for sure, our guys doing the Challenge-Modes did a pretty awesome job! They invested a lot of time into practicing and thus we had a 2:0 lead over the Method guys after the Challenge-Modes. Sadly we did not have that much time to prepare the raid content just as well. Overall we took this quite serious though and we are happy with the results (2:2)!

You first killed Archimonde Mythic on August 6 last year – during gamescom. How did that happen? Did you play all together in a hotel room? Did Blizzard help you out that evening?

For the whole event we stayed at the place of one of our players, who is living near Cologne – so right after the gamescom event we jumped into our cars and headed straight to his place so we could raid in the evening! The whole week was quite exhausting but in the end it was totally worth it!

gamescom 2015: Liveraid set sail for fail vs. Method

For almost three years now you have constantly managed to finish on first page of with very moderate raiding hours. Have you ever wished there would be another, fairer ranking-system? Something that maybe focuses more on the actual number of attempts needed?

I am actually quite satisfied with the current concept. People who manage to raid such long hours really deserve more recognition than they get currently, because it’s not that easy at all to pull off. As long as they don’t add a system tying you to a limited amount of tries I am fine with any system. Our goal never was – and won’t be in the future – to get world firsts, just to achieve as much as possible with the moderate time we invest compared to other top tier raiding guilds!

Let’s talk a bit about Legion…

Artifact Weapons, Mythic+ Dungeons, Legendaries and Titanforged Items will bring significant changes to the gearing process this time. How do you feel about these changes in general? How will it affect your preparations for the progress?

I have very mixed feeling about the strong emphasis on Mythic + dungeons (being able to drop the same itemlvl as in mythic endgame raid content), because it puts much pressure on us to do those dungeons efficiently. Most of our players also rather enjoy doing raids then doing 5-man dungeons! Additionally it’s a hard task to split up all members into well balanced groups.

Furthermore I am not too found of the whole artifact power system because it makes it way harder to change specs during progression, meaning it is also much harder to back up missing players with players on their off-specs.


When to see set sail for fail at gamescom 2016

set sail for fail will play alongside the french guild From Scratch on the big Blizzard stage in hall 7:

  • Thursday, August 18: Dungeon Challenge from 12:30 to 13:00
  • Friday, August 19: Dungeon Challenge from 11:30 to 12:00
  • Sunday, August 21: Dungeon Challenge from 12:30 to 13:00

Besides the big stage, Blizzard will open the Legion Cafe in central Cologne this year. You surely will be able to meet some of the players there.

The complete schedule can be found on Blizzards official Gamescom Hub.


How do you like the two new raids so far? Best & worst encounter so far?

Personally I like the two new raids a lot, I think the overall designs fits very well and the encounters themselves are very well designed. The encounter I liked the most so far was Trilliax because of his novel mechanics. On the other hand Krosus was the encounter I liked the least because of his poor design and yet punishing mechanics if you don’t pay attention for a brief second (falling down into the water and dying).

How do you feel about the current class balance? Any must have classes in the raid you can already point out? Any classes you won’t describe as viable at the moment?

To me it feels the current class balance is all over the place. The difference between the top classes and the weaker ones is quite significant. Since I am certain Blizzard will have some tuning patches before the actual mythic content I can’t make any save predictions yet on which classes will dominate the raiding scene in The Emerald Nightmare.

Thank you, have fun at GamesCom and good luck on that Legion progress!

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