World of Warcraft, 08.07.2016

Food, Potions, Flasks, Runes: Consumables For Legion PvE

Let’s have a look at all the consumables for endgame PvE in Legion and what has changed for Food, Pots, Flasks and Runes.

NOTE: We have an updated guide for Consumables in Battle for Azeroth posted here.

As with every expansion, Legion changes the professions a lot. Most important things for endgame PvE however remain the same: bufffood, flasks and potions are still there and still are a must have for every serious player. And yes, there will be Augment Runes in Legion.


There are several stages of buff food in Legion, so be sure to get the big ones which give you +375 on a second stat.

If you can afford it, you might put up a Lavish Suramar Feast for your raid team, it will give you +500 of your primary stat. Protip for tanks: if you do not want to get a Stamina buff, just switch your spec before eating.



Nothing changed regarding Flasks this time. Just a plain buff for your primary stat for one hour (two hours for Alchemists)


Potions will work a bit different in Legion. While there are still ones to instantly give you Mana, Health or Bonus Armor, the system will change for Damage Dealers. There are only two potions left, giving a bonus on your damage dealt instead of buffing a primary stat.

Offensive: Bonus Damage For Melee And Ranged or Primary Stat

Defensive: Self-Heal, Bonus Armor and Mana Restoration

Runes, More Runes

Vantus Runes

Legion will add a new type of runes to the game: a Vantus Rune is created by Inscription and boosts your Versatility (yessssss) against one very specific boss for the entire week.

For the current raid content you might want to use Vantus Rune: Tomb of Sargeras.

Augment Runes

They are back! Yay! Not. Defiled Augment Rune can be obtained from Raid Finder Encounters and the Shattered Satchel of Cooperation. And can be bought on the auction house, if you can afford it!

First Aid, Engineering and Healthstone

Of course, the Healthstone is still there in Legion. Engineers can craft a fun item you can use if your fellow raid members refuse to use their own selfheals.