World of Warcraft, 24.08.2017

Gamescom Interviews Round-up

Several fansites and influencers had the chance to interview Game Director Ion Hazzikostas at gamescom. Here is a summary of the highlights.

Gamescom Interview Highlights

Blizzard decided to focus on Patch 7.3 for gamescom and therefore almost solely answered questions on WoW’s next big content patch. That’s why you may only find very few new facts. If you are interested, we have linked all the interviews at the end of this article.

Patch 7.3

  • will be the final big content patch for Legion
  • the Devs plan to do a class balancing patch two weeks after the 7.3 release
  • There are a lot more cinematics to be discovered that have not yet been implemented on the PTR
  • Antorus, the Burning Throne will be the last big raid in Legion but there might be another, smaller one coming as well.

Legendaries and Items in 7.3

  • The upgrade for Legendaries will work just as it did in past patches
  • The new rings will be available for every player once Antorus raid unlocks
  • Legedaries will have item level 1000, titanforged will cap at 985 – once Antorus unlocks (which will be Patch 7.3.5)


  • Just as before, Mythic keystone dungeons will be increased in difficulty. Weekly highest run should be a +10 for a 935 item in your weekly chest. We will update our Mythic plus item level scaling guide as soon as the patch goes live.

Tomb of Sargeras

  • Ion Hazzikostas thinks, Kil’Jaeden turned out to difficult; there most likely won’t be a harder boss in WoW anytime soon
  • Nerfs for all difficulties and bosses can be expected soon, as the next raid tier approaches


  • Jaina is no dreadlord.

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