World of Warcraft, 03.06.2016

Gearing up for Legion Raids and Mythics

Gearing your character for endgame PvE will be a bit different in Legion. Let’s take an early look on your road to get better gear in the new expansion and how the itemlevels are scaling.

Itemlevel Overview

Here is a quick overview about the itemlevel you receive from various activities and vendors. We will take a closer look on some of the sources later on in this guide.

  • Your artifact weapon: starts at 750, can be up to 870 until raiding starts
  • Quests: up to 825 on level 110
    830 for Dungeon-Quests
    up to 835+ through World Quests
  • Crafting: 800, can be upgraded
  • Class Hall Armor Tier: 795 up to 840
  • Faction-Gear: 800820 and 850 
  • Legendary worlddrops: 910
  • BoE Ring of the Kirin Tor: 865
  • Dungeons
    • Normal: 730
    • Heroic: 825
    • Mythic: 840
    • Mythic+: depending on level from 845 up to 865 (Mythic+ 10)
    • Mythic+ Weekly Chest: up to 885 (Mythic+ 11 and more)
  • World-Bosses: 860
  • Raid The Emerald Nightmare
    • LFR: 835 
    • Normal: 850
    • Heroic: 865
    • Mythic: 880
  • Raid Trial of Valor
    • +10 above The Emerald Nightmare loot on various difficulties
  • Warforged / Titanforged mechanic: items can have bonus itemlevels in +5 intervals. At a certain amount of upgrade-levels (+15) these items are called “Titanforged” instead of “Warforged”. Yes, a TF LFR item can be better than a base mythic one!

Last Update: November 15, 2016

Retribution Artifact

Artifact Weapon

So let’s dive into some of the more important points. First of all the biggest change in gearing will be artifact weapons. Your character will get his weapon during the very first quests when arriving at the Broken Isles. Those weapons are iconic and unique to every class and a large storyline will be tied to it. You will level up and improve your artifact as you progress further in the game. Surely there will be plenty of guides on that, as soon as Legion is released.

However your artifact weapon will be of itemlevel 750 when you first receive it. You then can add up to three (third one is unlocked later in the campaign) relics to it and besides empowering your weapon with better stats or buff special traits they will increase its overall itemlevel as well. Relics can be looted from almost every PvE activity and their power is scaled according to the effort you have to put into getting them.

Here is an itemlevel overview of the currently available relics:

  • Quests and random world drops reward +2 – 15 ilvl depending on character level
  • Normal Dungeons: +12 ilvl
  • Heroic Dungeons: + 36 ilvl
  • Mythic Dungeons: +40 ilvl
  • Mythic Plus Dungeon: tba
  • World Bosses: tba
  • LFR: +39 ilvl
  • Normal Raid: +43 ilvl
  • Heroic Raid: +46 ilvl
  • Mythic Raid: tba

So before the raids and mythic plus dungeons will open, you can have a total artifact itemlevel of 870.

Craftable Items

All the professions of course get overhauled too with Legion, but like with every other expansion, the craftable items are a pretty good start when looking for better gear. We will cover each profession separately over the next week, here are just some very basic facts:

  • Most professions allow you to craft items with an basic itemlevel of 800
  • Crafted Gear can be upgraded with Obliterum by 5 ilvl each
  • A lot of crafted item will be bind on equip
  • Some items are only working for characters with the respective profession, like the Infernal Alchemist Stone
  • there will be class specific items, like Raging Furystone Gorget or Intrepid Necklace of Prophecy
  • This time there will be no restriction on the amount of crafted items you have equipped
  • Materials will be pretty expensive


Class Hall Armor

Warlord’s Garrisons are gone and will be replaced with Order Class Halls. We will cover them in detail as soon as beta progresses. We already know though, that the items from ilvl 795 up to ilvl 840 can be bought with Class Order Ressources. The items make up a complete set (like Legacy of Azj’Aqir for Warlocks) and the single tiers are heavily gated (reputation, achievements, …). The lower items can be upgraded until a maximum of 840 as well.

Faction Gear

Some major Factions will sell you a 820 gearpiece on Revered and a 850 itemlevel gearpiece when reaching Exalted. The Suramar faction The Nightfallen will sell itemlevel 800 boots items on friendly. We will cover Reputation and Faction content in a separate guide later this summer and will leave you here with the following facts:

  • One 850 item per Faction purchaseable with gold
  • Character needs to be Exalted
  • Reputation is gained through world quests

Legendary Worlddrops

The community roared as the devs announced, that there will be random dropping legendary items in Legion.

  • They will have itemlevel 910 and a special effect
  • You can get a Legendary from every activity in the game. The developers want to bring back surprising moments on casual farm days back in the game.
  • In a later state of Legion, legendaries will probably be targetable and farmed.
  • Characters can only equip one legendary at the start but can unlock a second one by progression with their Class Order Hall
  • The effects on the items will be disabled in the first weeks of Mythic Progress to make the race a bit more fair UPDATE: Legendaries will be fully usable in raids and mythic dungeons at any given time.

Check out all the legendaries in the game over at

BoE Ring of the Kirin Tor

The Ring of the Kirin’Tor is back and better than ever: Empowered Ring of the Kirin Tor! The new ring will have an itemlevel of 865 and can be purchased for 250.000 gold without any restrictions at a Vendor in New Dalaran. Being Exalted however makes it a bit cheaper.


Loot from Dungeons: alternate path to raiding

Normal and Heroic Dungeons work pretty much the same like in the current game. Kill the mobs and get loot with itemlevel 730-760 on normal, 825 on heroic and 840 on mythic difficulty. The real deal in Legion will be the new Mythic plus dungeons, wich replace the old Challenge Mode Dungeons. This system was introduced as an alternative to raiding and the loot is bound to the level you are playing the dungeon on. It will start from 845 (Mythic +2) and goes up to 870 (Mythic +11). You also will get a weekly chest with loot, based on your best run it the past week – contained items can scale up to 885.

Mythic plus dungeons are supposed to have an infinite difficulty and can be chain-runned as long as you have enough fresh keystones. Two items per group per run are guaranteed, when you beat a given timer by 20% or even 40%, you will be rewarded with even more loot. Possibly those Mythic plus runs will reward loot equal to mythic raids in higher levels.

We did a separate guide on loot and item level scaling in mythic+ dungeons.

Warforged and Titanforged Items

You all know the Warforged system already. Legion takes it a step further and will introduce so called Titanforged items, which are simply Warforged items with a much bigger upgrade (+15 or greater). Those items have an itemlevel upgrade in +5 intervals and can drop from almost every endgame content: in dungeons or raids, from world bosses and world quests.

Itemlevel Range across all difficulties in the first Legion raid instance

Itemlevel Range across all difficulties in the first Legion raid instance

This means, an item from LFR could possibly have itemlevel 895 (835 base +60 titanforged). Oh and a socket. OH AND a tertiary stat. This is totally intended and should reward players doing content, they have already cleared, as Ian Hazzikostas stated in a Q&A earlier this month.

However to keep the game balanced and reward mythic raiders, the chance for an higher upgrade decreases with each interval. If an item drops and can be WF/TF, the system rolls for a +5 upgrade. If the roll succeeds, the system will roll for another +5, until the roll fails. A 895 LFR drop will be very very super rare.

Cap at 850 Until Mythic Raids And Mythic+ Are Available

To prevent the system having a bigger impact on the progression race, it is tied to the maximum available itemlevel in the game. This means the itemlevel for Titanforged will be capped around 850 until the Mythic+ Dungeons and Mythic Raids are available. After that, Titanforged will be capped at 895.

Wrapping it up: 840 average when the raids open

At the current state of the beta it looks like there will be much more ways to raise your character’s itemlevel especially within the first weeks. A lot of the different paths to better gear are pretty much tied together around the Class Order Halls: for example, you need to be revered with three Factions of Legion to get a piece of the Class Hall Armor and by gaining reputation you unlock the recipes for the craftables and you eventually unlock the 840 pieces that can be bought from their quartermasters as well.

Assuming the normal and heroic raids will open up on a schedule similar to Warlords of Draenor, you will have about 20 days to level up and get some gear. However an average itemlevel of 840 should be reached easily, if you are planning to start raiding or doing mythic plus when the gates open.