World of Warcraft, 13.08.2018

Gearing Up for Raiding and M+ in BfA

Let’s have a look on how to gear up your character, once you have finished leveling in Battle for Azeroth.

Major Changes to Gear in BfA

Just in case you did not follow all the coverage on the BfA beta, here are the most important things that have changed in terms of gear and items:

  • Itemsquish! All your items will do have a significant lower itemlevel compared to Legion
  • No more Legendaries and Artifact Weapons (!!)
  • A neck-piece you will wear the whole expansion: The Heart of Azeroth
  • Azerite Gear for three slots: helm, shoulder and chest
  • All items besides Azerite Gear can be warforged / titanforged
  • No more tier-sets
  • Master/Group-loot settings are gone 

Item-level is the most important thing (almost)

Before we dive into the different options for obtaining gear, let’s get this one out of the way: The value of main stats like Intelligence or Agility has heavily increased. This means in Battle for Azeroth you do want to equip the item with the highest itemlevel in almost every case

In case of doubt just put your gear through some simulations.

Where to Get Better Gear

Once you have finished leveling your character might have an average itemlevel of probably just below 285 equipped. Yay nice… no not really. Time to start get higher numbers! First of all a quick overview on the most relevant sources of gear and the item level they reward:

  • Questing: up to 290
  • World Quests: 290 – 330 depending on your average item level
  • Crafting: 300, 340, 355 and even 385 with reagents from Uldir raid
  • Reputation Gear: 320 Honored, 335 Revered, 355 Exalted
  • Dungeons: 310 – 340
  • Mythic+ Dungeons: 340 – 385
  • World Bosses: 355
  • Warfront: 340, 370 but most likely not before first raid ID 
  • Uldir Raid: 340 – 385

Level your Heart of Azeroth

Your shiny new neck will have itemlevel 280 at the start and gain +2 itemlevel for each level you raise it. This is mostly done by aquiring Azerite Power and if you haven’t heard about that yet, just ask Google for the moment, as we do not have a guide up on that.

Crafted Gear

  • Regular crafted gear (rare / blue) will have itemlevel 300 and is BoE
  • Epic crafted gear will have itemlevel 355 and is BoP
  • once Uldir has opened up, you will gain access to reagents for 385 item level gear
  • Engineering googles: 340 ilvl BoP

We do recommend wowhead’s guides on BfA professions for all the details.

Reputation Gear

BfA introduces four factions for each Horde and Alliance as well as two neutral ones.

Gear From World Quests And Island Expeditions

Just like in Legion, your World Quest rewards are depending on your current gear. They start at 290 and can go up to 330.

BfA’s new feature Island Expeditions will not reward any gear on a regular basis.

Dungeons and M+

  • Normal: 310 ilvl
  • Heroic: 325 ilvl
  • Mythic 0: 340 ilvl (only once per week!)
  • M+: at least 345 and 355 from your weekly chest. Check out our seperate guide on item level scaling in M+.

World Bosses

There are 6 new world bosses, dropping 355 items. Currently it’s unclear when they will be available. 


Some weeks after the launch of BfA, the Arathi Highlands Warfront will be unlocked, a completely new piece of endgame content. While active you can obtain:

  • 370 item level gear from a special World Boss exclusively for your faction
  • 370 item level gear from a weekly quest
  • 340 item level gear from several quests and rare mobs

How Much Item Level Should I have for Uldir?

Of course the answer to this question depends highly on your personal ambition for raiding uldir. If you are looking to clear heroic on the first week you should aim for item level 350 and level 21 on your Heart of Azeroth.

Did we miss something? Then please leave a comment below! And now have some fun playing BfA!