World of Warcraft, 04.04.2017

Hotfixes April 3 and 4

Blizzard continues to wipe out bugs in Patch 7.2 – here are the latest hotfixes, including some nerfs to the Cathedral of Eternal Night.

Hotfixes April 4

Broken Shore

  • Our Valarjar allies have deployed grapple points in key locations on Broken Shore.
  • Broken Shore Rare Elite icons will now appear on the Broken Shore map even when the player is not currently in the Broken Shore.
  • Creatures other than Rare Elites and Sentinax Lieutenants no longer drop Nethershards for players who are in a raid group.
  • Rare Elites now drop fewer Sentinax Beacons.
  • Portal enemies should now drop their beacon type much more often.
  • Sentinax Lieutenants should drop multiple beacons for every player, allowing a quick restart after the break.
  • Sentinax Lieutenants now drop many more Nethershards when slain.
  • Sentinax cool-down time lowered to 3 minutes (was 5 minutes).
    • Developers’ notes: These changes are aimed at aligning the pacing of the Sentinax area without significantly changing the rewards. Upgraded portals should feel more special, portal beacons more scarce, and the final boss for each round of Sentinax activity should be a more welcome sight. Since tapping rules and behaviors of large raids of players don’t present a good experience for nearby parties of five or fewer, and especially solo players who might come along, the change to drops for raid groups is intended to allow everyone more opportunities to tap enemies.


  • Hunter
    • (Hotfix in testing) Feet of Wind should now properly suppress movement speed reduction effects, as intended.
  • Rogue
    • From the Shadows no longer breaks Vanish.

Dungeons and Raids

  • (Hotfix in testing) Creatures in Mythic Keystone dungeons that do not proc Bolstering on death should also no longer summon Explosive Orbs.
  • Corrected the Premade Group Finder difficulty display from “Mythic+” to “Mythic Keystone”, for consistency and easier searching.
  • Cathedral of Eternal Night
    • Agronox
      • Succulent Lashers now have significantly less health in Mythic difficulty.
      • Succulent Secretion now does much less damage in Mythic difficulty.
      • Poisonous Spores now hits for slightly less, and is limited to 5 stacks in Heroic and Mythic difficulties.
      • Fulminating Lashers can now be stunned or snared.

Hotfixes April 3

Artifact Challenges

  • Tanks
    • Stunning Inquisitor Variss on encounter start no longer prevents him from using Aura of Decay.
    • Eye health has been reduced by 30%.
    • Infernal spawn frequency has been reduced by 5 seconds.


  • Hunter
    • The Windburst/Cyclonic Burst effect can now correctly extend further than 40 yards from the Hunter.
    • Cyclonic Burst can now crit for its periodic damage.
    • Cyclonic Burst should work correctly when another Hunter’s Cyclonic Burst is already on the target.

Dungeons and Raids

  • Mage Tower: Knowledgeable is now less lucrative in dungeons of lower difficulty.
  • Return to Karazhan
    • Moroes
      • The periodic damage of Garrote has been reduced by 30% in Heroic and Mythic difficulties.
      • Players can now use their abilities to remove the bleed damage.
  • The Nighthold
    • Gul’dan
      • Damage done by Bonds of Fel and Empowered Bonds of Fel have been reduced for smaller raid sizes.
      • Eye of Gul’dan and Empowered Eye of Gul’dan now take up to 50% longer to reach max energy (and begin to cast Duplicate), to better accommodate smaller raid sizes.
      • Resolved an issue in which Gul’dan could inadvertently teleport to the wrong tank after Storm of the Destroyer.

Player Versus Player

  • PvP Template Primary stat reduced by 5% for all non-healers.
  • PvP Template Stamina increased by 5%.
  • Death Knight
    • Frost
      • PvP Template Strength increased by 5%
  • Druid
    • In PvP, Bear Form now grants 125% Armor (was 200% Armor). Guardian Druid Bear Form unchanged.
    • In PvP, Bear Form now grants 40% Stamina (was 55% Stamina). Guardian Druid Bear Form unchanged.
    • Balance
      • PvP Template Intellect reduced by 5%.
      • Full Moon and Half Moon damage decreased by 10% in PvP situations.
    • Feral
      • PvP Template Agility reduced by 3%.
    • Restoration
      • PvP Template Intellect reduced by 5%.
  • Hunter
    • Marksmanship
      • Sidewinders damage reduced by 10%.
      • Marked Shot damage reduced by 10%.
      • Rapid Killing increases Critical Strike damage by 30% (was 50%).
  • Mage
    • PvP Template Intellect reduced by 5% (all specs).
  • Paladin
    • Retribution
      • Shield of Vengeance can no longer be dispelled.
  •  Priest
    • Discipline
      • Rapture can no longer be dispelled.
    • Shadow
      • Shadow Mania increases the healing of Vampiric Touch by 35% (was 50%).
  • Shaman
    • Skyfury Totem now increases Critical Strike damage by 20% (was 30%). Critical strike healing unchanged.
    • Skyfury Totem’s cooldown reduced by 5 seconds.
  • Warrior
    • Opportunities Strike is no longer activated by Windfury Totem.


  • Quest credit for “Unlikely Seduction” should now be appropriately given.
  • Players above level 100 should now be able to acquire “In the Blink of an Eye.”