World of Warcraft, 07.02.2017

Hotfixes February 6

A small set of hotfixes just got pushed to the servers.


  • Hunter
    • With the Dire Frenzy talent, the Eagletalon Battlegear Beast Mastery 2-piece bonus should now grant your pet 10% increased damage for 15 seconds. This will not be reflected in the tooltip until Patch 7.2.


  • Artifact Power won from bonus rolls will no longer display for other members of your group.

Player versus Player

  • Shaman
    • Earthbind Totem will no longer take unintended additional damage from player attacks.
    • Spirit Link’s mana has been increased to 35% base mana (was 15%).
    • Spirit Link’s damage can no longer be mitigated by Absorption effects.
    • Spirit Link’s duration has been reduced to 20 seconds.