Blizzard, 06.10.2017

Huge Update: Appear Offline has arrived!

Decades (almost!) have passed since an “Appear Offline” function was promised for Ladies and Gentleman, the day of salvation has arrived!

Blizzard has just launched a new Beta version of their client, holding a ton of new social features:

  • New Tab “Social
    On the very top of the App you now find a new tab called “Social”. It grants you access to most of the following new features
  • Groups (Americas only right now)
    The new client allows you to create and join Discord-like groups with text and voice channels
  • Profiles
    Name says it: you can now enhance your ID with some more information
  • Appear Offline
    You can now switch to Appear offline to… appear offline to everyone else in your list.

Use the new Features now

To use the beta right now, open the settings panel of your App, click “Beta” and “Switch to Beta Version”