Guilds and Raiders

On Taking A Raid-ID Hostage

Drama peaked high today, as top guild Serenity was not able to enter their raid for a significant time. We’ve talked to the guy who blocked them out.

All Eyes On: From Scratch

We were able to talk to Uto and Tuuxx, Raid Leader and Guildmaster of From Scratch just before their trip to gamescom 2016, where they will play live on the big Blizzard stage.

All Eyes On: Set Sail For Fail

Once again set sail for fail will play on the big Blizzard stage at gamescom this week. We have talked to their guild leader, Fearings.

All Eyes On: Dragon Esports

We have talked to Dragon Esports, formerly known as Pwnanza about their strong World #5 finish on Archimonde and their plans for Legion.

Tool- and Mod-Creators

All Eyes On: Deadly Boss Mods

135,808,326¬†and counting. That’s how often Deadly Boss Mods was downloaded from since April 2008. We have talked to Adam “Mysticalos” Williams, the creator of the most popular mod for World of Warcraft.