Raider's Tavern, 18.05.2016

Introducing Raider’s Tavern

Hello there, universe! Today we are launching for the public. So this might be a good moment to introduce ourselves!

Where do we come from? What are we doing here?

Raider’s Tavern is currently ran by a single person – me! I am a 28 years old webdeveloper from Germany. I love all Blizzard games but World of Warcraft had by far the greatest impact on my life. Friends were made, battles were fought… for almost half of my life, Azeroth was my second home. And for sure will be in the future.

As I always loved raiding the most, this website will center around World of Warcraft PvE but still covering all other major things that happen in the Blizzard universe. As this is a tavern, I will try to tell you unique stories of cool people, as deeply rooted in our community as I am. And of course, we will be highly active on social media channels. On top of that we have some really cool things in the working, so our (virtual) tavern will be worth another visit.

For more details on our future-plans, there is a section about that on this page: about us.

Support us

If you like what we do and have some spare money, you should head over to our patreon-page or donate directly via paypal. Of course we recommend you, to add to your AdBlock’s whitelist. We usually run very few ads, so probably you won’t recognize it anyway!

Finally you can support by telling us your stories related to Blizzgames. We love to feature cool community-members, so just drop us a note.