World of Warcraft, 26.10.2016

Karazhan Pre-Quest in Patch 7.1

So, Patch 7.1 just went live and everyone is eager to rush the totally cool and new Karazhan! But… preparations must be made! Here is a quick guide to unlock new Karazhan accountwide.

Unlock Karazhan in Patch 7.1

To gain access to the new 5 man version of Karazhan you will have to to a small questline and complete a total of four mythic Dungeons.

  • The Questline starts in Dalaran, just talk to Archmage Khadgar
  • First step is Edict of the God-King: Defeat Skovald in mythic Halls of Valor
  • Second step is Unwanted Evidence: simply turn this in at Archmage Khadgar in Dalaran
  • The final step is Uncovering Orders and wants you to complete Violet Hold, Blackrook Hold and Vault of Wardens on mythic difficulty

Upon completion of the last quest, Karazhan is now unlocked for you accountwide. Since the hotfixes of October 25, you also can complete this quests on Mythic + Difficulty.