World of Warcraft, 28.01.2017

Legendary System Will Change In Patch 7.2

A recent bluepost on the WoW forums promises changes to the Legendary system coming with the next patch.

While there is no actual information on how the system will change, hopes are high that one of the biggest problems will be adressed: players receiving lots of utility legendaries and falling behind in DPS compared to others.

A lot of ideas to change that are discussed within the community for weeks now. The most convenient option maybe would be a possibility to exchange Legendary items within several hours after looting them.

We will see how Blizzard plans to adress that. Hell, it’s about time.

The complete Bluepost

Posted by Michaelbaé

I have thoroughly enjoyed most aspects of legion. I consider myself a top tier raider, however im not able to play at a high level because of the rng on top of rng legendary system. Ive been benched in 2 guilds because of it and ended up taking a break for 3 weeks due to frustration. Many others and myself included have had the displeasure of receiving 3 utility legendary in a row. This has to be the most terrible experience, I’ve had in all the years I’ve played wow (since early vanilla).

Blizzard, id really like to stress this, ill say it again. I cant begin to explain to you how terrible it feels to players, who have received 3 non dps increase legendary in a row. How can this amount of in-game tragedy be allowed? It is disgusting. You have created an incredible expansion, don’t you have any pride? Why hasn’t something, anything been done about this? Please, respond! Anything!

There are a fair number of additions/tweaks in 7.2 to the legendary system. They’ve not been introduced on PTR yet but they are coming and this is something we will be actively seeking feedback on. Some of the issues that you highlight are things that we are hoping to ameliorate with these changes.

Please have patience with us as we roll out new quest/feature content on PTR next week and then move into rolling out the item/reward/systems changes. It is a bit of staged progressive rollout to focus testing and feedback but there are additional changes coming.

Please continue to supply feedback throughout this process though. 🙂


Source: WoW Forums