World of Warcraft, 25.02.2017

Target-Farming a Legendary With Patch 7.2

The upcoming Patch 7.2 will finally bring an opportunity to target a specific gear slot while farming a Legendary. Here is how it will work.

Patch 7.2 will re-introduce Nethershards as a currency, rewarded for a lot of various activities in the game. They can be spent on gear slot specific tokens at a vendor at the new Broken Shore zone:

Those tokens contain a Broken Shore piece of gear and can contain a Legendary item for the respective gear slot. Currently the PTR works with placeholder prizes.

Legendary Item Changes And Offspecc Bad Luck Protection

Besides that new way to target specific items, the Devs will continue to overhaul current Legendaries to improve bad ones. On top of that the bad luck protection will be divided for each spec with 7.2. If you do have four Legendaries for Shadow, do not be afraid to switch your loot specialization to Holy for a dungeon or two. Once the patch hits live, Bad Luck protection will bring you an orange item almost instantly. Maybe.

  • Francisco de la Vallière

    What about the no-spec ones? Because i have all of them. Will it count as having no legendaries on my main spec?

    • Sadly… no. If you have a Sephuz’ Secret for example, it counts as 1 Legendary regardless of your current spec.