World of Warcraft, 27.05.2016

Legion Beta build 21796

A new build has been deployed to the beta realms, here are the notable changes.

Besides a lot of balancing, new gear, bugfixes and new bugs, this build brought us:

  • A new item called Tome of the Tranquil Mind – allowing a single player to change talents outside rested areas. This is a lot cheaper than the Codex of the Tranquil Mind which was introduced last week and allowed a whole raid to switch talents. It is created by inscription and can be sold / bought, stacks up to 20.
  • The Legion world bosses now drop loot. The items are itemlevel 860, so slightly above the non heroic loot from the first raid, The Emerald Nightmare, which drops 850+. World bosses also can drop an item which gives you artifact relicts for different speccs. Check out the items here.


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