World of Warcraft, 31.01.2017

Legion Dungeon Event And Nithogg World Boss This Week

This week’s reset brings another bunch of opportunities to get raid loot… without actually raiding.

Next Nighthold LFR Wing Next Week

If you have been waiting for another LFR wing of The Nighthold… sorry! It is is scheduled for next week.

Legion Dungeon Event

The current weekly bonus event sends you into four Mythic dungeons of any difficulty and awards you with an Cache of Nightborne Treasures, which contains an heroic piece of gear from The Nighthold. Be sure to pick up the quest from Archmage Timear in Dalaran or from your Adventure Guide.

World Boss Nithogg

ghc92g4k9mym1475011543947 This week’s World Boss is Nithogg again. The DragonĀ is located in the north of Stormheim, the nearest flightpoint is Stormtorn Foothills. Here’s the loot he can drop: