World of Warcraft, 23.06.2016

Legion Q&A #2 With Paul Kubit: Professions

The second weekly Q&A for World of Warcraft: Legion took place tonight and it was all about Professions.

The livestream was hosted by Community Manager Josh Allen and Senior Game Designer Paul Kubit. You can read about the highlights (for endgame PvE players) here, or watch the complete session below. Next week will be all about PvP. Senior Game Designer Brian Holinka will be live on stream June 30, at 11:00 a.m. PDT / 8 p.m. CEST. You can place your questions via Twitter using #LegionQA hashtag or post to the official forums here.

Professions in Legion

Blood of Sargeras

No surprise, Blood of Sargeras was a big topic, so Paul Kubit took some extra time, to describe the ideas, the developers had when they designed it the way it is now on Beta.

  • Blood of Sargeras should be a measure of the time you spend in the game
  • It will be obtainable through a variety of activites, you do not need to be a gatherer. Balancing on beta is simply underway on this currently.
  • Blood of Sargeras will be needed to produce Obliterum, which is needed to upgrade crafted gear
  • Blood of Sargeras is soulbound to prevent people with a lot of gold just buying a full set of crafted items. You still have to play the game, to get Blood of Sargeras to upgrade the crafted gear.
  • It is not account bound because Blizzard does not want you to have a full set of alts simply for doing professions effectively

Questlines For Professions, Love For Engineers and Scribes

  • Very much like the classes itself, professions get a lot of quests and story in Legion. You will learn a lot of recipes from quests.
  • Those recipes and patterns will not be lost when you change professions. You will have them back when you switch back.
  • Engineers get more of useful items in Legion, like Failure Detection Pylon and Paul Kubit teases a Engineering Mount!
  • BMAH will probably see legacy patterns or recipes
  • More profession-questlines will be added in the future and new recipes as well with patch content
  • Scribes will sell much more stuff this expansion: cosmetic glyphs, Tome of the Tranquil Mind, etc.

Crafted Gear And Consumables

  • Will start on itemlevel 815, can be upgraded up to itemlevel 850
  • You will get special perks from professions but they will not be so powerful, that a specific profession will be mandatory for you as a raider. You should choose a profession because you want to play it and not have to play it. So no systems like Spellthreads or Leg Armor like it was in the past.
  • Probably craftable transmog sets in the future
  • Crafted gear will be relevant with every new raid tier coming with future patches. No clarification how this will work, could be with more levels on the Obliterum upgrades.
  • You can even turn Flasks or Relics into Obliterum
  • Crafted gear will still have random stats and there will be no item to reroll them. But with Legion you will simply craft a lot more items, keep the most useful one and turn the other ones into Obliterum.
  • No weapon-enchants with Legion. Enchants with proccs will be put on necks this time around.
  • Crafted necks and rings will have guaranteed sockets

Fishing & Archeology

  • The Artifact is seen as a trophy for a lot of fishing. The developers will not tell us how to get it, it should be discovered.
  • Archeology get’s a bit more comfortable and a lot more of random Artifacts / Projects.
  • You will get a Archeology questline every two weeks for rare solves

Gem Chips, Cloth Drops, Multitap Nodes

  • Gem chips indicate the color of your next big gem you prospect
  • Cloth will be dropped again from humanoids and demons
  • No bigger bag added to tailoring this time
  • Ore and herb nodes are lootable for multiple people for a couple of seconds
  • No multitap for skinning though, because it is easier to farm

Watch The Complete Q&A Session