World of Warcraft, 07.07.2016

Legion Q&A #4 on Artifacts And Class Order Halls

The fourth weekly Legion Q&A with Josh Allen and Craig Amai is all about Artifacts and Class Order Halls. Here is our recap.

Next weeks Q&A will be with Senior Game Designer Jeremy Feasel talking about World Quests and the Demon Invasion Event. Place your questions on Twitter using #LegionQA hashtag or jump on the forums (US / EU). As usual you can watch the Q&A on Thursday, July 14 11:00 a.m. PDT / 8:00 p.m. CEST.

Highlights (for Raiders)


  • Class Order Halls will be enhanced in future patches
  • There will be more artifact appearances in the future and you can keep them throughout the next expansion
  • You can respecc your artifact, but it is expensive. This is not something that should be possible for every boss.
  • Classes do feel good without Artifact Weapon, but is most fun on max level. Just like with Talents when you level up a character.
  • Potentially Artifact can be part of class balancing actions during future patches
  • Patches could possibly add more perks to Artifacts but the Developers first want to see, how them play out in general
  • There are no port-spells to your Order Hall because the Devs simply feel like they are not needed. Dalaran should be the center for all players (Auction House, Transmog-NPC, etc.) – so travelling to your Class Order Hall through Dalaran is the way to go. (It’s NOT your Garrison)
  • Class Order Hall gives rested XP

Artifact Knowledge / Power in Detail:

  • Every activity you do on Legion brings you Artifact Power
  • Artifact Traits cost more and more Power as you level up your weapon
  • Artifact Knowledge can be gained trough the Class Order Hall. You need ressources to gain it through follower missions.
  • Artifact Knowledge increases the rate at which you gain Artifact Power
  • The Work Orders will complete a lot faster some months into Legion
  • Artifact Knowledge is not account-wide, you should not have to play an alt
  • The developers expect players to need a few months until you have completely leveld out a artifact
  • Artifact Power Level is not a requirement for certain content, but itemlevel still is. Putting Relics into your Artifact Weapon rises its itemlevel

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