World of Warcraft, 14.07.2016

Legion Q&A #5 – World Quests

Today’s weekly Legion Q&A was all about World Quests and Demon Invasions – here are the highlights.

As usual the livestream was hosted by Community Manager Josh Allen and Senior Game Designer Jeremy Feasel. If you want to watch the past four Q&A Sessions, check out our Legion Infohub. Next week no Q&A because Pre-Patch (we suppose!).

General: World Quests

  • You can progress your character through World Quests pretty far, but they will not replace Dungeons or Mythic Raids
  • There are World Quests for Raids and Dungeons
  • When finished your Artifact and got BiS gear, there will still be World Quests, that rewards you Mounts or simply a big pile of gold
  • There are close to 1.000 World Quests, every three hours new Quests pop up. You will not have a “shopping list” feeling like in MoP dailies and there will a lot of variety in the type of Quests. Each quest has a very unique reset timer. World Bosses once a week for example.
  • When you log not in for three or four days, World Quests still will be there and you will have several highly rewarding quests
  • The Apexis-Bonus Weekend will be replaced by a bonus weekend for better loot and bonus reputation for World Quests
  • World Quests will incentivize world PvP
  • You will progress Suramar Story through World Quests
  • Every player in the same region will get the same World Quests
  • Loot from World Quests scales up until the current itemlevel-cap in the game, always tied to your characters item level
  • Bonus Objectives will still be there

Emissary Quests Explained

  • Every day you log in, an emissary will give you a special Quest to guide your start into World Quest content a bit. An example would be “Do 4 Worldquests in Highmountain”
  • Completing an emissary quest will be highly rewarding (Loot, Reputation, Artifact Power)
  • Completing an Emissary Quest can reward a Legendary
  • You can “save” up to three emissary quests if you are not logging in for three days

Keep World Quests Entertaining And Rewarding

  • The developers try to get as much as variety as possible and just a big amount of Quests into the game, to prevent content drought. For example, you will not see the same world boss in 2,5 months.
  • Yes, there will be new World Quests in future patches (and new, better rewards)
  • A fallback system ensures, you will get useful loot from world quests you already have done, for example if you already have a mount or pet but choose to do the quest again to help friends out.

Demon Invasions And Pre-Launch Event

  • Demon Invasions are World Events with four stages and are open to all players nearby
  • This system could be used in the future more often for similar quests
  • The Pre-Launch Event will heavily cutted down, when Legion launches

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