World of Warcraft, 08.12.2016

Legion Q&A: Class Design With 7.1.5

The latest PTR changes are a hot discussing topic among players, so Game Director Ion Hazzikostas took the opportunity of today’s Legion Q&A Stream to address a lot of these concerns.

Q&A Highlights

The Secondary Stat Changes And Player-Power

  • The secondary stats “squish” should not hit classes with important breakpoints (like Warriors). Your character should not feel less powerful after the patch and the baseline power of a lot of abilities got increased to counter the effects from missing breakpoints due to lesser secondary stats ratings.
  • Big goal for 7.1.5 in this case is to let item level be a good indicator for an upgrade again. As the Expansion progresses most of the power of and item should come from primary stats.
  • Primary stats should have also more relevance for tanks, still a lot of work still to do

Class and Item Changes

  • The Developers do not feel like classes get completely reworked with 7.1.5. The baseline gameplay of every class should not change with that patch.
  • Warlocks are looked into but the Devs decided to not rework them further with the upcoming patch as other Specs simply needed more attention. Warlocks will get some love and flavour in the future!
  • Demon Hunter DPS will get a viable alternative to the Momentum build
  • The Emerald Dreamcatcher Legendary for Balance Druids gets nerfed to close the gap between BiS Legendaries and the weaker ones a bit. But there is compensation: a Druid with the Legendary will be as powerful as currently on live, but the ones without this particular item will perform a bit better.
  • Although there are 6 T19 pieces, the set has still a 2p and 4p bonus – this is to enable you to get the 4piece with a Legendary Helm for example.
  • No changes to Roll the Bones for Rogues, the RNG stays! Slice and Dice however will get buffed to be a viable alternative.

About Theory-Crafting and Execution

  • Guide-Websites often tend to promote the talent-builds that have the highest simcraft DPS results as the way to go playstyles. Players forget, that a perfect execution needs to be accomplished to reach these levels.
  • Diving deep into warcraftlogs brings up a broad variety on talent-builds as some choices may have a lower theoretical power but are way easier and more consistent to play.