World of Warcraft, 25.02.2017

Legion Q&A With Ion Hazzikostas on February 23rd

It was once again Watcher’s take to answer the community’s questions in a new round of Legion Q&A. Here is our summary on the important points for raiders.

The VoD

To get all the information, we recommend to watch the VoD:

Our Q&A Highlights

Next Q&A

The next Q&A live stream will be with Brian Holinka on PvP, followed by an announcement from the WoW eSports team.

Patch 7.1.5 in retrospective

  • The Dev’s are quite happily with their changes to secondary stats with 7.1.5.
  • Item level is a way better indicator than before.
  • However some special cases remain, like Arcano Crystal 860. This may be replaced with Tomb of Sargeras Trinkets

Relics with Patch 7.2

  • Once you complete the Patch 7.2 stages of your Order Hall Campaign, the final new research will enable a second trait on every Relic you have or will obtain
  • Those second traits will be random for each Relic
  • This should add more layers of customization
  • And will make several Relics much more interesting
  • The second, random trait will always be a throughput trait
  • No double traits on a Relic


  • Bad Luck Protection will be much more spec specific with 7.2. Example: if you do have four fire Legendaries and switch to Frost, the system will assume you do have zero oranges and the Bad Luck Protection will come in effect
  • Balance among various Legendaries is an ongoing topic, changes for balancing will most likely happen
  • Craftable Legendaries should not be BiS ones, they are meant as a bonus for crafters
  • The Dev’s goal is that players can switch Legendaries on different fights

Artifact Power And Knowledge

  • Activities within the game should always help you with at least a little goal, that’s why AP will be relevant for the complete expansion
  • Knowing, there is a finish line emphasizes the feeling of being behind for other players
  • The Dev’s never planed players to play the game solely for AP, they hope to change that with 7.2 and the planed changes on Artifact Power Rewards.
  • AP will not be Class-wide. Not going to happen.
  • The changes coming with 7.2 will narrow the gap between players that focus on a single weapon and the players with two weapons.
  • Raids will not be tuned around the final trait
  • New AK catch up mechanic coming up

Tier 20 Sets

  • The current bonuses on the PTR are very early collections of ideas. They fore sure will change.
  • T19 2piece and T20 4piece could happen but might not be worth it.

Hardcore And Competitive Play

  • Good players are valuable and hard to find and should not be benched because of bad Legendaries. Bring the player not the gear!
  • Guilds have risen and fallen over the complete life-span of World of Warcaft. This does not mean, every player quits, but because the officers do feel like they can no longer keep up a stable roster and quit. The other players spread across the remaining guilds.
  • The Dev’s know about how annoying the grind for AP and Legendaries was and hoping to improve that with 7.2
  • It is not the Dev’s job to design the game for the small percentage of hardcore players to a certain extent.
  • There is a difference between what’s mandatory from a hardcore guilds perspective and what’s sustainable. But that’s the guild’s faults and not Blizzards.
  • The game is not meant to be played for 80 hours per week for several months.
  • Limiting the attempts on a boss won’t help that much, as the guilds would bring Twinks and other players would be punished / blocked.


  • Group Buffs are for flavor, not mandatory to defeat a boss
  • Cool, new Tank trinkets coming with Tomb of Sargeras