World of Warcraft, 12.01.2017

Legion Q&A With Paul Kubit: Nomi Got Buffed!

Blizzard held another live Q&A stream today and it was Senior Game Designer Paul Kubits turn this time.

Kubit answered a lot of questions around professions, Timewalking and the Brawler’s Guild. We have focused on the relevant information for raiding players below. Just watch the VoD or check some other fansites if you do want to have a more extensive summary.

Watch the VOD


Tuning Hotfixes will come soon! Hi Hunters!
Patch 7.2 will be on the PTR pretty soon!


  • The Devs will bring new stuff across all professions on almost every patch to keep crafted gear relevant.
  • Besides more ilvl with Obliterum, there always will be new recipes

Brawler’s Guild

  • The fights are scaled rather static and increase in difficulty. No scaling bound to item level this time.
  • Scaling Boss HP according to player’s specialization is a cool idea but not on the line right now.
  • Maybe there are┬ánew bosses in the future but no real plans right now.
  • Almost every idea makes it in the Brawler’s Guild. There were ideas for a Mega Man and a Mario fights that did not make it into the game (yet).

Timewalking Dungeons and Raids

  • Vanilla Timewalking can be possible in the future, but a lot of adjustments will have to be made as it is a completely different game right now.
  • Timewalking Loot most likely will be buffed in the future.
  • Timewalking Raids will be seen in the future. The Devs would like to do it.

Consumables and Materials

  • The price for gathered materials is higher because every ore and herb has to be farmed with a lot more time invest than in WoD.
  • Talent Tomes are a bit too expensive right now. The Devs are on that.
  • For the launch of the expansions the Devs were happy how Obliterum played out. It will be most likely be cheaper to unlock the forge on a future patch.
  • Skinnable Mobs will be multi-tap in the future.

Micro-Holidays, Cooking, other Trivia

  • Bonus-XP for Micro Holidays is a cool idea, might come in the future.
  • Nomi got a buff! He will produce recipes on a much higher rate.
  • Archeology will be more exciting with 7.2
  • Probably we will see a new New Year’s Eve Micro-holiday

February will bring another Q&A.