World of Warcraft, 04.10.2017

Live Q&A with Ion Hazzikostas

Time for another Live Q&A stream with Game Director Ion Hazzikostas! Here are the VOD and the (very few) highlights.

Despite Josh Allen finally trying to tame his hair, this Q&A got no groundbreaking news in store for us. Looks like all the good things will happen at BlizzCon soon!

Re-Watch the Q&A


  • In Patch 7.3.2 we will upgrade our Legendaries to item level 1000 the same way we did in the past
  • The recently datamined Legendary Tokens won’t be a catch-up mechanic to target specific items. These tokens will drop for players that already have every single Leggo. Will be account-bound an can be sent to alts.
  • The Argus version of the Flightmaster’s Whistle will be hotfixed to be account-wide
  • The Antorus raid missions will require item level 950 followers to complete
  • We will never fly on Argus. Never.