World of Warcraft, 14.08.2018

M+ Loot And Item Level in BfA

The way loot works in Mythic plus dungeons may be a bit confusing at first glance. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

When Do I Get Loot In M+?

Just in case you are new to Mythic+ dungeons or a bit rusty, this is how loot works:

  • You do not get any loot from mobs or bosses
  • Your group will receive at least one chest of loot upon completing a dungeon no matter if you beat the timer or not
  • Two or even three chests if you manage to complete within certain timers
  • Every weekly reset you will be rewarded with a big Grand Challenger’s Bounty chest, containing an item with significant higher item level
  • Your weekly chest can contain a piece of Azerite Armor but that’s not guaranteed

What Item Level Does Mythic Plus Reward?

The system might be a bit complicated at first glance but it gets real easy once you’re used to it.


  • the item level of your end-of-run chests is bound to the respective keystone level you complete
  • The item level of your weekly chest reward is tied to the highest keystone you managed to complete in the week before
  • Weekly chest can contain Azerite Gear

M+ Item Level Scaling

Keystone Upon Completion Weekly Non-Azerite Weekly Azerite
+0 340
+2 345 355 340
+3 345 355 340
+4 350 360 355
+5 355 360 355
+6 355 365 355
+7 360 370 370
+8 365 370 370
+9 365 375 370
+10 or higher 370 380 385

Azerite Power Rewards From M+

Of course you will receive big chunks of Azerite for completing M+ dungeons and from your weekly chest as well. The exact amount may vary depending on the keystone level you’ve run.

What Loot Do I Get From Mythic Plus?

The items you’ll find in your well earned M+ chests are randomly chosen from each dungeons complete loot table. In other words: if you need that ring from that first boss in Atal’Dazar, you will need to run the complete dungeon and hope for good RNG once you’ve completed it.

To find out where to get specific items, check your dungeon journal ingame or wowhead’s guide here.

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