World of Warcraft, 25.07.2017

Method World First Video And Interview

Method has finally released their World First Kil’Jaeden video and an extensive interview with several raiders as well.

Method World First Kil’Jaeden Mythic Video

First things first, here is the kill video, including an epic loading-screen-ending once the big red falls:

Raid-Testing on Live Servers

Besides their video, several members of Method (Deepshades, Lorgok, Scripe, Justwait and Kuriisu) gave an interview on their own website, you can read it right here in full length. Reading through it, you get the impression, that both Method and Exorsus spent a lot time not progressing on Kil’Jaeden but doing some raid testing on live servers, waiting for Blizzard to apply hotfixes. According to Deepshades, Kil’Jaeden was just not killable when they did the first pulls:

I don’t think we had any chance to kill the boss before the hotfixes. Even with 950 equipped Item Level we probably would struggle to down him pre-nerf.

Pro-tip: take a shower to regain focus!

Besides that whole tuning and encounter design topic, Method’s members share some more insights on the overall progress, including a secret tip on how to stay focused for 654 wipes. Go check it out!

More interviews

  • If you do speak German, you might want to tune in on tonight (8pm CEST) for an episode of RaidTalk with Deepshades, Scripe and Nnogga.
  • FinalBossTV will do the World First Show next Sunday, more details soon.