World of Warcraft, 04.12.2016

Mischief In-game Pet And Plush Available

You can now adopt Mischief, the little fel kitty in-game pet and support the Make-A-Wish foundation with your purchase.

The new pet for this year’s holiday season is available for $10 USD / 10 EUR on the store or in-game. Until December 31 Blizzard donates 100% of the revenue to the Make-A-Wish foundation.

Well we know, that pet does not push your DPS but makes the real world a little bit better. And it is cute af. So go and get it! If you do care about pet battles check out the kittens wowhead entry: Mischief.


Plush Mischief on the Gear Store

fel_kitten_plush_webveraIn addition to the in-game pet, Blizzard has a plush version of the little cat on sale for $25 USD at the Blizzard Gear Store.

Until December 31, $14 USD of every purchase is donated to Make-A-Wish as well.