World of Warcraft, 12.07.2017

Mythic Dungeon Invitational Announced

What a time to be alive: Blizzard is finally giving WoW PvE esports a big shot! A total $100,000 prize pool is set up for the Mythic Dungeon Invitational.

How the Dungeon Invitational Will Work

The concept for this tournament is pretty simple:

  • Everyone can participate and win a share of the total $100.000 prize pool
  • You can submit your 5 highest Mythic Keystone runs and your complete team (5 Players) on this website until August 8.
  • Blizzard will look through the entries and select 8 teams from each region (Asia, Europe, Americas, China)
  • Starting in September each region will battle out the best two teams live on stream in Bo3 single elimination matches
  • For the global finals (September 30 and October 1), the teams will be seeded into a 8 team bracket based on their performance in the Regional Group Stage and search the best team in Bo3 single elimination rounds.
  • Everything will be broadcasted live on twitch

Find out more on Blizzard’s official announcement or check out the detailed list of tournament rules.

Another Step towards PvE esports

Dungeon Challenge Broadcasted on Live on Stream

This for sure is a step in the right direction: after hosting the Great Collegiate Dungeon Race last year, this tournament now is accessible for everyone and clearly of a bigger scale.

However, we would like to see something like Custom Mythic Keystones, to allow teams some specific practice and empower the community to host their own tournaments.

Good luck everyone competing!