World of Warcraft, 01.08.2017

Mythic Dungeon Invitational: Proving Grounds Are Here

The first stage of the Mythic Dungeon Invitational has started! Gather your mates and submit your best keystone runs until August 8 to get an invitation for the regional playoffs.

Submit Keystones Until August 11

While there is quite a bit of confusion and a lack of transparency about the final form of the tournament, the current stage of qualification is quite simple:

  • You run Keystone Dungeons for two weeks with the exact same team composition on live servers
  • You submit the five best runs you managed to complete on different dungeons until August 11 on this website
  • Blizzard has made a blog post with a little FAQ here

Get Invited!

Blizzard then will look through the submissions and invite the best teams for regional playoffs happening in September. This and the final stage will played online on tournament realms. Check out the announcement post for more details.

Track the Other Teams Performances’

If you want to check out the other teams’ performances, has got you covered with their brand new leaderboards feature.

You can sort results by region and gather a quick overview of the highest keystones the teams managed to complete. Go check it out here.

(Update: has launched a similar feature)