World of Warcraft, 27.03.2017

Mythic Keystone Dungeon Changes Coming With Patch 7.2

Patch 7.2 will bring several changes to the Mythic Keystone Dungeon System as well: New and removed Affixes, changes to rewards and a new scaling in difficulty. Here is a quick overview.

New and Changed Affixes Coming With Patch 7.2

  • The Overflowing Affix has been removed
  • New: Bursting
  • New: Quaking
  • New: Grievous
  • The range for Bolstering has been reduced to 30 yards (was 45)
  • Necrotic duration reduced by 1 second, now expires as soon as you leave combat
  • Tyrannical bonus lowered from 20% to now 15%
  • Fortified bonus lowered to 30%, down from 40%

Changed Scaling in Difficulty

Patch 7.2 brings some sort of a difficulty squish for Dungeons: NPC health will be buffed by 30% and as a result, Mythic +0 should now feel like a Mythic +4 did before 7.2.

Changed Gear And Artifact Power Rewards

Raised item level in Dungeons

Alongside a harder difficulty, the gear you receive upon completing a run gets a buff:

  • Mythic 0: 865 item level
  • Mythic 2-3: 870 item level
  • Mythic 4-5: 875 item level
  • Mythic 6-7: 880 item level
  • Mythic 8-9: 885 item level
  • Mythic 10+: 890 item level

Raised item level in weekly chest

And of course the item level of your weekly rewards will be higher as well:

  • Mythic 2: 875 item level
  • Mythic 3: 880 item level
  • Mythic 4: 885 item level
  • Mythic 5: 890 item level
  • Mythic 6: 890 item level
  • Mythic 7: 895 item level
  • Mythic 8: 895 item level
  • Mythic 9: 900 item level
  • Mythic 10+: 905 item level

Check out our Overview of Mythic+ item level and loot scaling here.

Artifact Power Rewards for Mythic Keystone Dungeons Changed

To prevent endless Maw of Souls farming, with Patch 7.2 the amount of AP you receive upon completing a dungeon is tied more closely to difficulty and length of a dungeon. On top of that, a large amount of AP will be contained in your weekly chest, based on the highest Keystone you’ve completed the week before.

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Cathedral of Eternal Night And Karazhan Mythic + Added

A completely new dungeon will be added to the game: the Cathedral of Eternal Night. Of course, it will be available for Mythic+ runs, as well as Karazhan. The latter one will be split in two parts (Lower Karazhan and ) and Nightbane will be not available in keystone runs.

Vantus Runes for Mythic+

Last but not least: Vantus Runes will be added for Mythic Keystone Dungeons: