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Mythic+ Loot And Item Level Scaling

There is a lot of confusion regarding loot and item levels in Mythic+ dungeons and the weekly chest. Here is our guide to clarify!

Mythic+ Dungeons are a new feature introduced with Legion and they were announced as an alternate path to raiding. They are a pretty solid way to gear your character and most of the top raiding guilds even found chain running them more effective than doing heroic split raids. But, there are two major questions about Loot in Mythic+ that are causing a lot of confusion. Here are the answers:

When And How Much Loot Do I Get Loot in Mythic+ Dungeons?

  • You do not get any loot from Bosses or trashmobs during your run, regardless of difficulty
  • You do get at least one and up to three loot chests at the end of each run, depending on your performance:
    • One chest is guaranteed upon completion of a mythic+ dungeon, no matter if you have made it in time or not
    • To get two chests, you must beat the timer by 20%
    • To get three chests, you have to be 40% faster than the timer
  • The chests upon completion are personal loot and contain guaranteed two items for your whole group
  • Everyone gets some AP from the chests at the end of the run
  • After every weekly reset, you will get an item through your Grand Challenger’s Bounty – the big chest that can be found in your Class Order Hall

Note: take a look at the addon MythicPlusTimer which will show you the timers for 2 and 3 chests as well!

What Itemlevel Does Mythic+ Loot Have?

At first glance, this is where it gets complicated. TL;DR is: the weekly loot is significantly better and all loot is capped at level +10. The quality of the item in your weekly chest is determined by the highest difficulty you have completed the last week. And it is not important if you have beaten the timer.

In other words: if you manage to complete a mythic +8 dungeon your chest will contain an 925 item after the next reset – even if it took you 5 hours or more to complete the run.

Mythic Level On completion Weekly chest
0 885
+2 890 905
+3 890 910
+4 895 915
+5 900 920
+6 905 920
+7 905 925
+8 910 925
+9 910 930
+10 915 935
+11  920  940
+12  925  945
+13  930  950
+14  935  955
+15  940  960


Note: The rewarded items can be titanforged 925, of course!
Note #2: Updated for Patch 7.2

Note #3: Updated for Patch 7.2.5
Note #4: Updated for Patch 7.3
Note #5: Updated for Patch 7.3.5

Artifact Power Rewards for Mythic +

Patch 7.2 changed the way, Artifact Power is rewarded for Mythic Keystone runs. We have done another small guide on how much artifact power you get upon completing mythic plus / through your weekly chest. This data is not yet updated for 7.3 or further!

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  • Juan Pablo Marcolongo

    on completion, M+10-15 should say “865”, not “855” i guess

  • Tigmatropos

    i just got +8 titanforged in my weekly chest, it’s only 870? I’m confused, list say it’s should be 870, but mine is titanforged and still… 870…

    • As far as I know is simply every item you loot from that chest entitled “titanforged” and I believe that the weekly reward is locked to the levels as noted above.

  • Hermitmaniac

    Don’t believe the max item level is locked in he weekly chest. I got a mythic 8 ring titanforged to 880.

    • Emml

      Hm that’s interesting… will look deeper into that. Was it this week?

      • Hermitmaniac

        It was the day that 7.1.5 launched

    • Pobro

      Ye I got a 925 from weekly chest from a +15

      • Okay, now I get what causes the confusion: Of course all those items can roll warforged / titanforged. The term “capped” in the table just means, that the base item level is capped. In other words: a Mythic +16 or +18 or +22 or whatever will not reward a higher item level.

  • Kissofcherry

    So people did mythic + 25 doesnt show gear though does it still scale up?

    • doos santos

      its capped at 15 so anything above +15 will still only get the same as for +15 which is 900

  • Meng Megyer

    865 gear is not contains max epic lvl 940 legndary 970,

  • Meng Megyer

    the gear farm lvl esy dungeon mythick +15 max 910.
    weekly class hall chest 940.
    raid 940 and hard farmable seth gear which oovide boost sonme skill.
    But gearing up the most hard.

  • Burnsy

    +10 is 915+ on completion

    • thank you, updated that!

  • Krasen Kostadinov

    in +8 i got 910 non war or titanforged maybe need to update that aswell

    • TY! guess I have to run few more myself this week 😉

      • Júnior Silva

        you can get a trinket +950 from a +8 as well, but i guess it was lucky. 😀

  • Steffen Müller

    Ich bin eine Biene

  • Júnior Silva

    From a +7 i got a item lvl 950 Trinket, lol.

  • Danny Stokhof

    I just got 900 from +6

  • Scott Jones

    needs updated.

    Level Loot Weekly
    11 920 940
    12 925 945
    13 930 950
    14 935 955
    15 940 960

    • Sekorhex

      That would be nice to put it too into this list