World of Warcraft, 20.06.2016

Naxxramas Opened 10 Years Ago

Ten years ago Patch 1.11 called Shadow of the Necropolis hit the live-servers and opened up the original Naxxramas raid for players. The last Raid of Vanilla WoW was one of truly epic proportions!

It was the last one played with 40 people and had a total of 15 bosses spread among five wings – no other raid was bigger since then. It’s endboss Kel’thuzad was killed 90 days after release – still one of the longest lasting raid bosses in history of WoW. Nihilum took the crown on September 2, 2009 after all prior world first kills were taken by US guilds.

Besides the Lord of Naxxramas, the instance brought us several remarkable encounters like Patchwerk or Heigan the Unclean. Both fights are still the most popular blueprints for theorycrafters nowadays.

Naxxramas was so popular, that it was remade as a 25 man raid in Wrath of the Lichking. Still a good one, but by far not as epic as the original one was. Here is the official trailer for Patch 1.11 – man how this game has changed since then!


What was your favorite wing?

Do you still have memories from the old Naxx? Blizzard wants to know, and asks for your favorite wing on the official WoW blog. If you want to read through the complete history of firstkills, check out the feature on manaflask.